Fat pads are not only perceived as annoying, above all they can even be harmful to health. But initially, cryolipolysis was not the first choice of treatment. Countless people around the world are motivated to make fat pads “disappear”. Therefore, the field of liposuction has developed into a billion-dollar business. However, operative liposuction is a major and not low-risk procedure, which should only be carried out by particularly experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

During the Cryoliopolysis treatment fat cells are damaged by cold

The condition following a faulty operation can be associated with considerable health restrictions, even life-threatening conditions. Especially for the removal of smaller fat pads, for example on hips and thighs, a major surgical procedure that leaves scars should be well considered.

Therefore, it is usually advisable to resort to non-surgical methods of fat treatment such as cryolipolysis. It is a gentle, low-risk and non-invasive fat treatment. With this method, the fat cells are specifically damaged by cold, without affecting the surrounding tissue. After a protective gel has been applied to the area to be treated, the fatty tissue to be treated is “sucked in” and cooled down to approx. 0°C for approx. one hour. This process is also known as “Coolsculpting“.

Cryolipolysis – Where and how can it be applied?

Cryolipolysis can be used as a cosmetic correction of unsightly fat pads or cellulite. Classical body areas are the upper and lower abdomen, hips, thighs, bottom and waist. Before the therapy is carried out, a detailed discussion with the medical staff takes place. A treatment plan is drawn up based on the requirements profile. During the treatment, the patient is not anaesthetised and does not experience any pain.

A Cryolipolysis treatment can reduce cellulite and fat pads

For one hour you can relax, read the newspaper, make a phone call, chill out. After the cold treatment, the affected body areas are massaged. Visible results of the treatment are visible after about three weeks. A clearer result is visible after about 3 months.

The very gentle treatment method has no effect on the ability to work. Immediately after the treatment you can continue your usual life. Cryolipolysis can be repeated at intervals of 6 months. For lasting results, a minimum of three sessions should be scheduled, depending on the body area. The treatment costs depend on the treatment plan.

Are there any side effects or exclusion criteria?

As the treatment method of a Cryolipolysis is very gentle, there are usually no serious side effects. Immediately after the cryolipolysis, the skin in the treated area is reddened. Everybody knows this when they put ice on the painful area during an acute pain. Due to the “sucking in” process, bruises can occur in sensitive tissue.

In some cases, the treated area is sensitive to pressure, and this can disappear after a few days. Alternatively, numbness may occur in the treated body areas for several weeks. Possible swellings quickly recede.

Cryolipolysis cannot be used for everyone

As with any form of therapy, there are exclusion criteria for cryolipolysis.

These are:

  • Skin diseases
  • pronounced scars in the treatment area
  • open wounds
  • Vasculitis
  • taking blood-thinning medication
  • extreme overweight
  • Pregnancy

Cryolipolysis in Munich

In Munich there is an absolute specialist for this cosmetic treatment: Dr. med. Svenja Giessler in Widenmayerstraße in Munich-Lehel. She offers both the cryolipolysis of ICE AESTHETIC® and CoolSculpting®.
Furthermore, numerous beauty clinics, health centres, institutes and dermatologists offer cryolipolysis. Anyone interested should obtain detailed information, pay attention to medical professionals and read the reviews beforehand.

Alternatively, there is the possibility to be treated in the Beauty & Soul at the Viktualienmarkt, for example. In addition to cryolipolysis, the Medical Spa offers a pampering programme for beauty and relaxation. – Feeling good is made easy in Munich.