The capital city of Bavaria is a metropolis that offers countless possibilities to find the right outdoor sports in Munich. Doing active sports not only increases physical fitness. It also strengthens our mental performance and general well-being. Regular exercise in the fresh air and outdoors promotes the oxygen content in the blood and also supports the immune system. Exercise in the great outdoors does not mean a lack of opportunities for muscle building at the same time. Even without additional sports equipment, there are many places in Munich for different and varied sports exercises.

The right equipment is key for outdoor sports in munich

Natural light during outdoor sports has a positive effect on the psyche. The UV rays promote the formation of vitamin D, which is essential for bone formation. This invigorating feeling of the fresh Munich air, the pleasant scent of the damp ground or the smell of autumn leaves on Munich’s running paths is unique. Outdoor sports provide additional energy and make us more efficient.

In Munich’s Fitness Savings Course there is the possibility of using exercise equipment with different levels of difficulty free of charge at individual stations. Exercise boards explain the exercises on the coordinated machines. Thus, movements and strength exercises are coordinated with each other.

Running and jogging as outdoor sports in Munich

Joggers and runners can use the paths around the Theresienwiese outside the Oktoberfest. There are running paths that are suitable for sprints as well as endurance running. Various paths offer variety, and a round trip can also be done. From late summer on you can also experience the Oktoberfest live. Every day new details are created until the biggest folk festival in the world begins.

Running is part of munich's sports culture

Those who find the Theresienwiese too monotonous can walk along the Isar or through the English Garden. The Isar Circuit between Luitpold Bridge and Museum Island is a popular running route. This tarmac track passes the Deutsches Museum, the Maximilianeum and the Munich Friedensengel.
Munich’s English Garden offers joggers gravel or forest paths for running. It is a good route for a warm-up in the morning and offers plenty of nature.

The Olympic Park also has many wonderful running paths. This well-kept and beautiful park has hills and viewpoints that make a running track really interesting and varied.

Fitness parks and course hotspots in Munich

In Munich, there are a total of 16 different trim-yourself trails and fitness parcours with various exercise stations. One of the best training locations is located north of the English Garden. There is a large area on the Isarauen which is very popular with sportsmen and women with many different climbing and exercise stations. Here, a variety of equipment throughout the area can be used free of charge.

In munich you can do parcour at several places

Another fitness park is located on the Candidstraße. A facility has been created there near the Brudermühlbrücke, which also has various exercise stations. Those who prefer a sports field can use the sports equipment at the Candidplatz underground station. It is suitable for various sports exercises and is considered a meeting place for parcour fans. On some days, other sports groups can be found here, where those interested can join in.

In addition, the TU sports grounds, the fitness course at Oberhofer Platz or the Bajuwarenpark are very popular places for outdoor sports in Munich. In Fürstenfeldbruck, there are signs at individual practice areas which provide valuable information for sports enthusiasts.